The Unwanted Produce

In other countries where they only have the groceries or supermarkets to sell vegetables and fruits and other agricultural produce, there are many wastes that is being created. This is because the supermarkets have their own standards on what is the good one to sell and not a good one to sell. In this situation where the standard is strictly followed, disadvantages arise. The agricultural produce is eatable but because of their small size or bigger size than the standard of the supermarkets so they are thrown away.


It seems the producers are just trapped as they just follow the demand of the supermarkets. Thankfully there are already alternative ways that are opened so that that unwanted product would not be wasted. There are already private individuals who make the step to buy the product that is considered as waste and sell it directly to the consumers.

In the UK and America, there are already efforts being made to consume the unwanted produce at a cheaper price rather than buying good looking ones with same taste and source.

Even if they have deformities but their taste did not change. In other countries, they have markets to sell agricultural produce aside from supermarkets and so many products in different size and with deformities could still be sold. But one thing to note is that even if they are sold, many are wasted because of lack of needed transportation equipment that makes them fresh and cool so they would not be rotten. In this part also, there is waste created.